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What about the Swim?

It's only natural to be a little nervous about the swim. Most people are. But try to relax; Triathamom is supposed to be fun!

Here's how it's going to go down...

When you check in at packet pickup you will choose a wrist band color, which will indicate your swim group. Here is a chart to help you figure that part out. Time yourself at the pool so you have some sort of an idea of how quickly you think you will swim the 300 meters. Keep in mind that most people swim it faster on race day.

At Triathamom, we will actually break you up into waves. That way you won't have to stand around the pool waiting for your turn for a super long time.

When you actually start the swim you will walk over a timing mat and hop into the pool. This means you have your own individual start time. And so the Triathamom who crosses the finish line first doesn't necessarily have the fastest time, she could have just started earlier. (Not that we're worried about winning).

We will try to keep the swim moving smoothly, regulating how quickly people are entering the pool. If we notice a "traffic jam" we will slow it down a bit and try to give everyone room. However, you will certainly have some contact with your fellow Triathamoms. We ask that you just be nice and considerate.

The swim is "snake style". You go down the lane then duck under the rope and back in the next lane. You do this 6 times

A couple things: this is a non-competitive event and your experience is our number one priority. So, you are allowed to walk, use a snorkel, or a kick board. If there is anything you need to use to help you make it happen, we want to help you! That said, maybe leave the giant inflatable flamingo at home ;).

When you finish the swim, you simply hop out of the pool and make your way to the transition area.

You're going to have a blast!


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