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Why We Do Triathamom

As I sat at my computer yesterday and watched the registrations roll in, I was filled with excitement. (It's a new record and Triathamom is half full and it's only February 1st) Excitement for you! I've been asked a million times why we put on races. It's a lot of work. The week of the race is constant work and we work hard coordinating and marketing the race for months in advance. So why? I know my business partner Cody would agree with me when I say that it's because of the feeling we get when we see you cross the finish line. Sure, it started off as a business venture, but it's so much more now.

Cody and his wife, Cheri, and myself and my husband, Tyson, love putting on Triathamom. We love it because you love it. You know when you have those moments when you ask yourself, "Does what I do matter?" (Do you do that, or is it just me?) Well, in the case of Triathamom, I can look in the mirror and say, "Yeah, it does." It matters because of you ladies. It matters because of what you are able to accomplish. It matters because in some small way, this event helps you become more of who you want to be. It gives you something to be proud of. It gives your kids something to be proud of.

Motherhood is hard. We give all we can to those little ones. It's true that sometimes we give so much that we forget about the giver. Us. We forget to take care of us and to do things that make us proud to be us. I truly believe that as mothers, we should model what we want for our children. I mean, we sit in the rain cheering them on at their soccer games. Shouldn't they see us accomplish something cool too? Yeah, they should. Cheri and I have both been able to have that feeling of accomplishment many times, and we want you to have it too! You deserve it! Mom guilt is a thing. But seriously, making the time to prepare for Triathamom and then having your kids see you cross the finish line... that's what we want for them right? We want them to feel proud of themselves and be confident. I believe it's up to us to show them how!

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