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Healthy Chocolate Sticky Rice Recipe

Sometimes I need a treat! I crave something sweet and savory with a yummy texture. But when I'm working on a fitness goal, treats aren't always in the forecast. Well, that's about to change! You can still enjoy treats, you just have to be a little smarter about it. Don't reach for the box of cookies. Instead, find recipes that will satisfy that craving but still keep you on track to meet your goals. This is one of my favorite treats. I love it and I never feel guilty indulging in it!

Here's how you make it...

Cook some BROWN rice (not white, because brown is a complex carbohydrate and white is a simple carbohydrate). Add a little salt to the water. The salt makes it savory and the agave makes it sweet!

While the rice is still warm, add a spoonful of coconut cream ( I like the Trader Joe's brand. Keep it in the fridge so it gets kinda solid... that makes it creamer.)

Then add a little cocoa powder and agave (you could also substitute honey).



This is a great pre-workout meal because the complex carbohydrates will give you lots of energy. I also enjoy it in the evenings, in stead of a bowl of ice cream. Call me crazy, but I think it's just as delicious!

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