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It's 2017... and it's time to treat yourself right!

It's a new year. You can seriously just forget everything you know about failure and try again! Seriously, we want to forget about the other times you told yourself you were going to get in shape and it didn't quite workout. That doesn't mean it won't work this time. Here's what you need to do:

Take it a little bit a time. Rome wasn't built in a day. You're not going to loose 5 pounds a week, it's just not realistic. Besides, we don't like the scale. Every woman was not built to weigh 120 pounds (but for some reason we think that's true somehow). We actually recommend measuring your progress in ability! Try tracking what you can DO, not what you weigh. It will give you a beautiful sense of accomplishment, rather than the paralyzing stress that comes with trying to make the scale spit out a smaller number every day. If you constantly obsess about your end goal you will fail to acknowledge the amazing thing that come to you every day as you work to improve yourself physically. And if you have to measure... try using a measuring tape and tracking your progress based on inches lost.

Figure out what held you back in the past. Once you determine what the problem was, do everything you can to address it! Move on. Don't let whatever that issue is hold you back from what you really want.

Get educated. Learn about nutrition and fitness. Work with professionals. There are professionals for a reason. People DO need help with getting fit. Don't feel bad asking for help or spending some money. The difference it makes could literally add years to your life.

Change the way you think. It takes work to change your mindset. That's ok, since when were you afraid of a little hard work! Positive self-talk is key here. Tell yourself you are worth it. Tell yourself you can do it. You really can!

Don't put too much pressure on yourself. If you skip a workout or shove a cinnamon roll in your face... It's fine. You're fine. Don't burden yourself with guilt. It's not worth it. But you are... you are WORTH IT. Be nice to yourself. You are bound to have small failures (even big ones) but just keep going. Keep working. Keep believing in yourself.

We are here to help! Need training advice, or motivation? Just ask. Join us on our Facebook page!

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