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Why Every Mom Should do Yoga

We are big fans. Yoga. We very highly recommend it for everyone, but especially for moms! Why? Well, there are plenty of awesome reasons (reasons almost as awesome as you).

Increase your range of motion. The wider your range of motion (how far you can move your body) the less likely you are to get injured.

Relaxation. Moms have stress. Being a mom is super hard, and super important. So it's just right that we moms should take a minute to just BE from time to time. I love how yoga helps me relax. You work hard all class and then you end with just laying there and thinking about NOTHING. At first it feels kinda strange... but then, it's awesome.

Get strong! I love feeling strong. Like, I really really love it. I do lots of cardio and weights but I still feel like I need yoga in my routine. It has helped me increase both my strength and endurance.

Mental toughness. Did you know that your body wants to quit WAY before it actually needs to? Staying in and fighting trough tough yoga poses has helped me realize that I CAN DO HARD THINGS (sound familiar?). And I know you can do hard things too!

I hope you all try a little yoga in your life. I am a huge believer! If you try it, or if you love it already, I'd love to hear from you!

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