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Welcome 2021

I'm building my vision board for 2021 today... and probably for the next several days. Collection images of things I want in my life. I've never done it before. and I've only seen one in real life once before. I was in my best friend's closet, helping her pack up her house and move her into her brand new gorgeous home. And guess what was on her vision board? Yep, a house. The pictures were pretty darn similar to what she was actually moving into. So guess it works. Or at least I'm willing to try.

Who wants to build their vision board with me? It's unexpectedly intimidating. I mean, if I print out that picture of what I want... that means I actually have to do the work to get it. Right? I was surprised by my internal resistance to do so. Maybe you're way braver than me. But I feel like getting clear about what you want takes guts. It takes commitment. It takes vunerability. You could fail.

But you fail for sure if you don't try.

Bring it 2021.

Here's an image to add to your vision board!

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