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2021 Shirts and Medals

We are really excited about this year's shirts and medals! You had your choice between fitted tee, tank, and unfitted tee. We thought we'd mix it up a little this year and have two different color options within each style option (except for the unfitted tees). That way, you can purchase the other color or style option after the race (while supplies last). Shirts will sell for $15.

Shirts below are example of style. Stay tuned for updated shirts for 2021.

We are also really excited about our medals this year! In the past, we have given out necklaces instead of medals. But you told us you wanted medals! But we don't want the ladies who have been with us for years, and who have always had pendants to miss the tradition. So... we will be giving medals at the finish line, and necklaces and additional charms will be available for sale. The official Triathamom pendant will cost $15, charm prices will vary.

Not the greatest pic, but you get the idea. We think they are pretty cute, and we hope you do too!

More shirt options... (styles and colors may vary)

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